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  • Apr.12,2016 New 7900units PCTC DeliveredNEW
  • Dec.17,2015 New Handymax BC Delivered
  • Sep.18,2015 New Kamsamax BC Delivered
  • Jun.26,2015 Board of Directors Updated
  • Apr.13,2015 New Kamsamax BC Delivered
  • Jan.09,2015 New Kamsamax BC Delivered
  • Aug.20,2014 New Handymax BC Delivered
  • Jul.01,2014 The Windsor Hotel TOYA became our group
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    Corporate Info Services   Our Group
    Meiji Shipping Group established in1911.
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    Domestic / International.
    Marine / Non Marine.
    "Globalism, key to our future"
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      Aiming for a new and balanced relationship between people and business.
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      History   Investors   Fleet
      History   Investors   Fleet
      A voyage across vast oceans and many lands.
    "from1911 to 2003"
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  •   VLCC, Aframax, LR, MR, VLGC, PCC/PCTC, Bulk Carrier, Wood Chip Carrier...
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