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Business Outline

Ships play an important role in our lives as they carry the goods essential to our living across the ocean without a rest. The safe operation of these ships supports people's lives and businesses. We take pride in our safety committing ourselves to providing global standard services.

Ship Management

Our ship management services consist of three main areas - maintenance, operation and cost management, and are provided to shipowners based on a management contract (a type of service agreement) made between the shipowner and ourselves.


We maintain not only the ship's structural frame but also all the equipment on board, such as propulsion systems, engines, and generators, to ensure that they always operate normally, and we repair any problems that may arise. He is also responsible for the procurement and installation of the necessary parts, materials and equipment. In order to fulfil these responsibilities, the ship's management company has assigned a technical supervisor to be in charge of the vessel.


After hiring, training and training of qualified seafarers who comply with international rules, we have them on board the vessel under the direction of the owner and take full responsibility for safe operation in accordance with international rules. In order to fulfil these responsibilities, the ship management company has assigned a marine supervisor to be in charge of the vessel.

Cost management

Maintaining and operating our ships entails a large amount of annual operating expenses (ship's costs), such as crew wages, lubricants and equipment. We prepare the ship's annual budget on behalf of the shipowner, and upon their approval, we receive the necessary funds in the form of a fund to execute the budget. We regularly conduct budget and performance reports to ship owners.

Ship management services (by ship type)
Bulk Carrier
: We have a wide range of sizes from handy to cape size.
Crude Oil Tanker
: Aframax, VLCC, Since 1953 we have over 65 years of tanker management experience. We have been well-recognized by oil majors.
Product Tanker
: MR, LR-I, II, Since 1992 we have managed product tankers and have been providing first class technical management to clients.
Chemical Tanker
: in 2014, we acquired a Chemical Tanker Management DOC and have been expanding our product and chemical tanker business.
: The know-how gained from many years of experience (started in 1970) guarantees a high level of control quality.
LPG Carrier
: We started to manage VLGC in 2010.
: The experience in management of WCC is as strong in the dedicated ship sector as it is in PCC since the company's inception in 1974.
Container Carrier
: We started to manage containers in 2016
LNG Carrier
: We started to manage LNG in 2019.

Manning Services

Seafarer manning services are performed based on manning contracts entrusted by the ship management company and commissioned by the manning company (seafarer dispatch company) that carries out seafarer manning.
The group currently operates three manning companies in Manila, Philippines, and one in Mumbai, India, which are manned by highly qualified seafarers who comply with international rules. Prior to boarding, we use our own training system to confirm the skills and knowledge required for boarding. We also actively provide regular up-skilling training for our sailors while they are on leave. In addition, the company is promoting the Cadet development program to develop future cadets and ensure a continuous seafarer pool.
We are also able to dispatch seafarers to other ship management companies to meet their needs.

Assembly, Supervision & Consultation

This business is outsourced by the client of the vessel construction and is based on a service agreement with the company. We dispatch construction supervisors to the shipyard where the ship is being built and supervise on behalf of the client to ensure that the ship is being built to specifications. Also, before the ship is built, we check on behalf of the client to make sure that the drawings are prepared according to the agreed specifications, and if necessary, we propose changes to the design to the shipyard.