A voyage across vast oceans and many lands

At the time our group was established the centre of maritime business was in Kobe in central Japan. We grew rapidly in this city and built our main office, enabling us to perform well at the heart of the Industry. Many famous maritime related companies, including such venerable establishments as Lloyds Register and the Shipping Exchange, chose to relocate to our building.


1911-1914 Company's inception
1914-1919 The First World War
1919-1932 The postwar years
1932-1941 Steady growth
1941-1945 The Second World War
1945-1950 Restarting after the war


1950-1956 Active reconstruction
1956-1964 New developments
1964-1967 Reorganization and mergers
1967-1972 Rapid advance of business
1972-1974 Turning point to depression
1974-1978 Pressure of structural recession
1978-1984 Stability through reduction


1984-1992 Increase in the number of Group companies and preparation for the 21st century
1992-2001 an Era of Global Partnership


2001- Towards a 3rd Period of Re-birth